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From dough to Boilies

It is Our Passion 

Our Hobby 

Our Business

shelf life boilies

Own recipes

We create our own recipes, and test them over a time period, that is enough to gain our trust before adding to the market.

Our clients are our inspiration!

You have your own idea, and you want to see it as a result - we are open for it!


Always thinking out of the box

We always think one step ahead of our competition, that's why we have a unique brand which started its life in the living room, made with our own two hands and succeed to touch our clients' hearts and rods.


spicy devil boilie

Catch Carp like a pro!!

Catch carp like a pro, with our unique recipes and a decent bed of bait you will get a high responsive. No need to worry with a brand like MBDcarpbaits, the carp loves it.

dikke schub van een karper

We provide you high quality standard

Carp anglers' choice 

Spicy Devil

This spicy bait has proven itself many times. The spicy carp candy that cannot miss in your luggage. Oh by the way... A real killer during the colder months!

spicy devil boilie


the mussel bait of this time suits al water types, if you can't choose the right bait for which lake, go for the Msecto. this is a typical bait that provides you what you need in every situation. The Msecto is fully packed with different types of amino chains. Three different types of the best quality fishmeal, such as krill, tuna and LT-Fishmeal.

Kriller Tuna

This one don´t need an introduction, we all know that the carp like krill and tuna. But why is our krill tuna so unique. That is because we have modified this bait over three years. And consistently we improve the responsiveness of the bait. If you really need the trust over a bait. Then we recommend Kriller Tuna. No need to worry it catch carp like crazy!!

Kriller tuna shelf life boilie

We use the best ingredients we can find!!

Keep on Searching !!

keep searching

In Our journey we will never stop searching for "The one...the best...boilie"

We always research and find  the right supplier.

That will provide... High quality like we do. 

Freezerbaits ?

opkomend zon en bevroren water

Some people find that Freezerbaits is the best option for fishing on carp. Thats because there are no preservation in the bait. But what is the differentie between our freezerbaits end shelf life boilies.? Simple our shelf life en freezerbait are almost similair to each other. And making the same results as with freezerbaits. Thats because we find a way for making our shelf life boilies with a six month shelf life. We don´t use powerful preservation, but we use a clever way of drying our baits. We use a non-harmful preservative that does not damage the fish and the water



gebied met water en karper

Carpfishing is not like any other hobby´s. Its a way of life, dedication end a way to escape from the real world.


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