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My Obsession


Nice that you visit our website and are interested in our products

You probably wonder who we are after you have met us on social media or heard about us, we are an  supplier who mainly deals with Freezerbaits And  Shelf LIfe Baits. like many other companies in the Netherlands. We will not start calling that we are the best, but hope that our customers do that, or we deliver better boilies to your.
Do you accept the challenge to put your trusty bait aside, to try something new?

Who Are we.


MBDcarpbaits is a small company that was created by a passion for fishing, which all started out as a 6 year old who always went fishing for whitefish with his father. I get  the carp virus at a later age. Since that day I am and I will always continue fishing on carp. The making of bait began in my early stage of carp fishing and since the day of today I still make bait with passion , which meets our requirements.


About our Products .

as I have just said, our products have to meet our requirements, that is to say that our products are being tested on different waters.
With the help of the MBDcarpbaits team, we ensure that we test the product for at least 1 year so that we know what the product does in every season. The quality of the product is important to us, just like the health of the fish, which is why we currently only produce Freezerbaits and shelf life baits. We use a different method to preserve our boilies.
This does not detract from the fact that Food Grade boilies can also be preserved in a natural way.
We make our boilies with a low supply of ingredients, so that we can give the guarantee about the freshness and quality of the product.
We calculate the nutritional value of the product on our excel program that we have specially made so that we can give you an idea about the protein% fat% and carbohydrates%.